The use of video adds a whole new dimension to any event or presentation. Whether it's a simple slideshow presentation or a complex graphical show, our technicians will gladly help you integrate the right video elements seamlessly into your next event!

  • IMAG (Projection)

    Front or rear projection screens for presentations, concerts or events. We inventory a variety of 16:9 and 3:4 front and rear projection screens with the most popular sizes being 6'h x 8'w (3:4), 7.5'h x 12'w (16:9), and 9'h x 12'w (3:4). We inventory short and medium throw projectors. We can also custom quote any screen or projector package to meet your specific requirements, please inquire!

  • Flat Panel TV's

    Great for events and small stage presentations - We inventory 70", 60" and 50" screens and will typically mount to a truss upright dressed in fabric.

  • Fabric Screens

    Fabric screen stretched between pipes, truss or other structure creates a rear projection surface for video playback or shadow dancing.

  • LED Video Wall

    Quoted to order, our LED video wall can be configured to a variety of sizes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A site visit may be necessary for larger activations to determine rigging or power requirements.

  • Event Media Server

    A computer controlled, eight layer media server allows our technicians to display complex video shows with video clips, ambient content and text animation to display your branding or message. Some basic projection mapping features are also available.

  • Video Switching and Distribution

    Some basic events simply require a single source to play on one or more screens (for example, a laptop with a power point presentation). In other cases, the event may call for complex switching and displaying of multiple sources to multiple outputs. We inventory professional HD and SD switchers, scalers and distribution equipment to ensure a smooth and accurate presentation.

  • Live Simulcast

    Video shot on a professional grade camera and shown on projection screens or plasma TV's. We do offer the option to record the event to media but we do not offer any post production or editing at this time.

  • Zap Shots

    Live action photography shot throughout the event on a digital SLR camera and played back on projection screens or plasmas. Zap shots capture the action and raw emotion live as it happens and it should not be booked as a substitute for a professional photographer.

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