The backbone of any performance. When your event takes place in a raw space or a venue that requires additional equipment, count on us to supply you with all of your structural and power needs!

  • Staging

    Standard black non-skid decking consisting of 4' x 4' platforms built to any configuration necessary and dressed with black skirting. Standard riser height is 16" however, we also offer 8" and 24" risers.

  • Truss Upright

    A vertical stick of 12" x 12" box truss (typically 8' long but can be any other size) mounted vertically to a 3' x 3' baseplate. Used to mount lighting or video equipment and occasionally wrapped in fabric for a clean look where desired.

  • Truss Warmer

    For a more industrial look, an LED fixture is mounted inside of bare truss. Can be run stand alone or controlled by a technician.

  • Fabric Wrapped or Surface Covered Truss

    Helps to clean up the industrial look of truss, we can wrap the structure in fabric (typically white spandex) and where applicable, light the structure internally with LED. In cases where it is desirable to hide the structure as much as possible, we will use use a dark or opaque fabric or one of our faux coverings such as brick, wood or bamboo.

  • Truss 'T'

    A truss upright with an additional piece of truss or pipe mounted perpendicularly to the top creating a 'T' shape. Used to rig lighting or other equipment, it is typically tall measuring 11'h x 6'w.

  • Straight Truss on Crank Stands

    Typically used for front or back lighting a stage or performance, crank stands allow us to support structure at heights up to 15'. The stands require outriggers to be placed safely and this should be taken into consideration when deciding the necessary footprint for the lighting structure.

  • Goal Post Truss

    A truss expanse that is connected in the shape of an upside down 'U', the truss structure itself becomes a strong decorative element. The legs of the structure are mounted to 3' x 3' baseplates and occasionally sandbagged for stability when necessary.

  • Full Box Truss Structure

    Great for events that require full immersion in the lighting for a nightclub feel. Also used at times for trade show booths or product launches, this ground stacked structure surrounds the audience or subject and provides a 360 degree architecture to rig all of the event's production equipment and design elements from. Typical configurations are built around a dancefloor out of 12" x 12" box truss and are either 16'l x 16'w x 11'h or 20'l x 20'w x 11'h. Custom configurations are also available.

  • Pipe and Base

    A metal pipe, typically 8' - 10' long mounted vertically to a 22" weighted round base provides a discrete structure from which to rig lighting or other equipment. Typically dressed in white or black fabric to blend into the event's theme.

  • Ground Stacking

    Building a truss, speaker or video system from the ground up with no rigging is typically the most cost effective way book your event.

  • Rigging

    Because sometimes it just needs to be flown! Our experienced professionals will discuss your specific needs and coordinate with your venue to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing experience for your guests!

  • Power Distribution and Dimming

    Power requirements for any event are the first and most important consideration! Our team will help you determine your needs and integrate them into your venue. We inventory a variety of power distribution and dimming systems and well as all of the cable necessary to activate them.

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