Soft goods can add a whole new dimension to your event by covering up unsightly architecture or creating boundaries and pathways that never existed before! When used in conjunction with uplighting and textured lighting, we can create an entirely new venue where it didn't exist prior. If you do not see what you are looking for below, please inquire and we will custom tailor your fabrics to match your event's theme! All of our fabrics are flame retardant either inherently or through treatment.

  • Black Poly Velour Drape

    Standard black drape comes in 12' h x 10'w panels.

  • White Glacier Drape

    Standard white drape comes in 12' h x 10'w panels.

  • White Taipei Silk Drape

    Sheer white drape comes in 12' h x 10'w panels and 16'h x 10'w panels.

  • Natural Linen Drape

    Beautiful natural drape comes in 12' h x 10'w panels.

  • Red Panné Drape

    This gorgeous drape looks like crushed red velvet and comes in 12' h x 10'w panels.

  • LED Star Drape Backdrop

    Add a little sparkle to your event! An updated version of of the old fiber optic curtain, this effect uses LED technology to create a white or color selectable star field on a black theater drape that can twinkle, flash, fade or change colors on command. This effect can run stand alone or it can be fully integrated into your lightshow by your technician. Packaged in 12'h x 20'w sections, we can piece them together to create an endless star field!

  • Cabanas

    We can create fabric cabanas using any fabric of your choice with the most popular being the white taipei silk for the "Miami Feel". Built solo or inline to create multiple lounge pockets, this is the perfect way to create intimate and fun spaces at your event.

  • String Curtain

    Great for special and themed entrances, doorways and reveals. Looks great when lit from the front, back or sides!

  • Silk Austrian

    When you need a tasteful covering or a special reveal, this classic Austrian curtain mounted to truss can be quickly pulled away to expose the action behind. Looks great when lit by LED or with textured gobos!

  • Step and Repeat

    Display your branding or sponsors for the perfect photo opportunity! Standard size is 8'h x 10'w however, we can produce your step and repeat in any size or material (we recommend fabric for it's clean look and low reflectivity) and we can use your artwork or aid you in your design. This product is usually booked with lighting elements to aid the photography.

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