Technician controlled lighting makes an event! We believe that having complete control over every aspect of a lightshow is a must - when you call for a specific look, you should get it. Of course, if you want an intense dancefloor or room, you'll have that and more. However, event lighting, DJ lighting, band lighting, architectural lighting, fashion show lighting, trade show lighting, and branding or experiential lighting all have different requirements. We will work with your designers to help them achieve their vision. If you're not looking for "Rock and Roll", you won't get it. Sometimes less is more in achieving the perfect visual image, and moving lights don't always have to move. Call today to speak with a representative about how we can help you realize your vision.

  • Moving Heads

    The staple fixture for any lightshow: "intelligent" moving heads offer complete computerized control over color, pattern, effect and movement. Standard event lightshows typically come in groupings of four, six, or eight fixtures but we can add as many as you can imagine to any event. Typical truss configurations consist of the popular truss upright: each fixture on top of a vertical truss column (sometimes lit internally or wrapped in fabric) or staight box truss on crank stands. However, we can customize your truss to suit your needs - truss T's, truss arches or goal posts, full box truss architecture around the dancefloor; if you can dream it, it can be done! Sometimes we will also integrate lighting into scenery or setpieces to achieve a themed look or rig to a structure (where permittable) if floorspace or aesthetics are a concern.

  • Wireless Uplighting

    Conventional uplighting of the past required endless amounts of cabling which were both unsightly and unsafe. In 2011, the addition of our Core Uplighter fleet changed the game by cutting the cords and bringing all of the tech into a sleek, round, wireless architecture. Each fixture is individually controlled wirelessly and has a bright, homogenous color rendering utilizing both standard red, green and blue drivers for color mixing as well as a pure while driver enabling us to create true whites and blush tones. Find more information, please visit NiceUplights.

  • High Powered Strobes

    Great for high energy events and live shows, these fixtures create intense flashes to enhance the action!

  • LED Par Cans and Band Wash

    Standard LED fixtures put light where you need it - Place a wash of color anywhere throughout your event. For band or stage lighting, we can mount to pipes or truss and control the action in time with the music.

  • Pixel Mapped LED Fixtures

    Visual eye candy - each LED "pixel" on the face of the fixture is individually controllable. When arrayed and pointed at the audience perspective, we can create unique visual effects and low resolution graphics. These look great upstage behind a band or DJ or utilized as part of set design.

  • LED Star Drape Backdrop

    Add a little sparkle to your event! An updated version of of the old fiber optic curtain, this effect uses LED technology to create a white or color selectable star field on a black theater drape that can twinkle, flash, fade or change colors on command. This effect can run stand alone or it can be fully integrated into your lightshow by your technician. Packaged in 12'h x 20'w sections, we can hang in-line to create an endless star field!

  • Follow Spots

    Be it a stage performance or a corporate presentation, followspots put sharp, rich light where you need it - on demand. These fixtures are live-operated by a technician so it is usually beneficial to add a Clear-Com package when ordering followspots.

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