Artistic and creative, we utilize a variety of fixtures from multiple disciplines, combining colors and textures to create the perfect look and feel for your event. We will work closely with your designers to help them realize their vision and bring your event to life!

  • Lekos and Textured Lighting

    This ellipsoidal spotlight typically used in theater and stage lighting is one of the most ubiquitous and versatile fixtures in the entertainment industry. It's wide range of features allow complete control over focusing and shaping the light. Additional options allow for use of color, patterns (gobos) and rotating effects. Great for creating stunning visuals of texture and color, we will work with your designer to realize your vision and bring your event's theme to life! We inventory both black and white powder coated fixtures to ensure that the equipment blends into the surrounding d├ęcor and does not detract from it. Typically we will mount lekos to vertical pipe and base discretely located throughout the venue and dress in fabric or where permitted, we can rig the fixtures to an existing structure or install our own. Power and dimming requirements should be taken into consideration when planning a lighting scheme utilizing conventional lighting.

  • Custom Gobos

    GOBO stands for "Go before (or between) optics" and can be any projected pattern, texture, name, monogram, graphic, image or corporate logo. We utilize gobos in static fixtures to create an image or in moving lights for motion and rotation. Basic patterns are cut into metal or for more complex black and white or color images, we fuze the pattern into glass with a process called dichroics. We will gladly consult with you about the use of patterns for your event. We can produce gobos from your artwork or assist in designing a pattern for you.

  • Table and Floral Pinspotting

    Make your floral or decorative centerpieces come to life with discretely placed accent lighting. Our standard table pinspots come tastefully arrayed and neatly wired in groups of 6. We inventory both black and white assemblies to ensure that the equipment blends into the surrounding décor and does not detract from it. Typically we will mount the assembly to vertical pipe and base dressed in fabric however, we can also rig the pinspots where permitted. For activations where a standard installation won't work, we also offer a true white wireless LED pinspot fixture built into a sleek round housing that can be attached magnetically to any metal surface and controlled wirelessly by your technician.

  • Festoon and Bistro Lighting

    Classic and tasteful, we will create a beautiful ambience at your indoor or outdoor event with bistro lighting! Available with white or black stings, hanging or close mounted sockets and available with variety of bulb choices, we will help you to create a picture perfect scene to match your event's theme!

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